9 ChatGPT prompts to upgrade your ATS resume and land your dream job

To get an ATS-friendly resume:-

Prompt 1: Please find my resume below. I am interested in the position of [Your Job Title]. Please improve the readability by rewriting it. To make it ATS-friendly, include action verbs and profile-centric keywords. [Paste Your Resume]

Prompt 2: I’m going to provide you with information about myself. My name is [Name] and I live in [Location]. I have [X] years of experience in the [Industry] field and hold [Degree] from [University/College]. Please use this information to draft an ATS-friendly resume for a [Job Title]. As you prepare the resume, please highlight the following skills in the skills section: [List of Skills].

Prompt 3: I am a recent graduate of [university name], I earned a degree in [subject] with a [X] GPA and did an internship at [company X]. I am now seeking an entry-level position as a [Job Title]. I have included the job description. Create an ATS-friendly resume, please focus on highlighting my accomplishments and metrics, using all the information I have provided. [Paste Your Job Description]

For Tailoring Resume Based on Job Description Using ChatGPT:-

Prompt 4: Can you please analyze this job description provided below and provide 2-3 key skills/requirements I should highlight on my resume for this [Your Role]? [Paste Your Job Description]

Prompt 5: Please rework the summary section of my resume given below to better emphasize my relevant qualifications for this [Your Role] detailed in the job description [Job Description]. Here is my summary[Paste Your Summary Section].

Prompt 6: Are there any additional skills or experiences I should mention to strengthen my candidacy for this [Your Role]? If so, where would you recommend adding them to my resume? Here is my resume[Paste Your Resume]

For Proofreading Resume Using ChatGPT:-

Prompt 7: I’m going to be applying for [Job Title at Company X]. Examine the overall tone of my resume and suggest adjustments to make it more professional. Here’s my current resume [Paste Your Resume].

Prompt 8: I’m going to feed you my current resume and a description of a job that I intend to apply for. Can you provide feedback on the clarity and coherence of my resume content? [Paste Your Job Description]

Prompt 9: I’m getting ready to apply for [Job Title]. Here’s my current resume. I want to make sure my resume highlights my most relevant skills and experience. Can you help me identify any areas where I can improve my bullet points?

This will definitely help you.

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