ChatGPT vs. Gemini: The Clash of the Language Titans in 2024

The war for language dominance in the realm of artificial intelligence heats up in 2024, with ChatGPT and Gemini (formerly Bard) locking horns in a captivating battle. Both wield the…

9 ChatGPT prompts to upgrade your ATS resume and land your dream job

To get an ATS-friendly resume:- Prompt 1: Please find my resume below. I am interested in the position of [Your Job Title]. Please improve the readability by rewriting it. To…

The Good and Bad Things About Air Conditioners (AC)

Air Conditioners (AC) can be a great way to stay cool in hot weather, but it can also have some downsides. Here are some of the good and bad things about AC.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Technology | Benefits, Risks, and How to Use AI for Good

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing field that is having a major impact on our lives. AI is already being used in a variety of ways, from powering our…

ৰামায়ণ : সত্য আৰু পৌৰাণিক কাহিনী

ভাৰতত ৰামায়ণক প্ৰতিটো ঘৰ, মন্দিৰ আৰু ধৰ্মীয় স্থানত কোৱা প্ৰাথমিক কাহিনী হিচাপে গণ্য কৰা হয়… আজি আহক আমি ৰামায়ণৰ কিছুমান অজ্ঞাত দিশ চাওঁ আহক…

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