How to reduce the damaging effect of Tea or Chai ?

In this article, we will discuss the most practical ways to significantly reduce the damaging effect of tea or chai called in India.

How healthy or unhealthy food is, depends on what time one consumes it.
As healthy as water, if gulped at the wrong time can hinder the digestion process.
Vice versa if we avoid consuming tea at the wrong time can significantly reduce its damaging effect.

The worst time of consuming tea :

• Just after waking up: sleeping for 7-8 hours already dehydrates our body and drinking tea which is a DIURETIC sucks up the remaining little water making us feel severely dehydrated and is also a cause of why one feels lethal.
• Tea being Acidic in nature, if consumed on an empty stomach disrupts the metabolism.
• It impacts Damaging teeth.
• Even the Caffeine kick of Bed tea is worse on an empty stomach

• Some we consume tea just after a meal: This is not ideal as tea hinders the absorption of nutrients making your body deficient in them. And if your meal has salt in it this is the wrong combination and produces toxins that can result in skin diseases.

So what is the right time? You must be wondering.

The best time to consume Tea is 2-3 hours after breakfast or 2-3 hours after lunch. This means that if u consume tea as a morning or evening snack its negative impact will be the least.

The best way to reduce the damaging effect of tea which we Indians already practice is to prepare it with milk. Never skip milk because of the calories it has. so more milk leads to less damage.

so don’t fall for black tea, even green tea which is nothing but a less fermented version of black tea should be avoided.

One way or the other to balance the negative impact of tea is to add spices.
Spices like Fennel seeds, Licorice, and Cardamon are best in this regard.

A small piece of Arjun Bark which is highly alkaline and a natural heart tonic should be used while making tea.

Do you know that the more tea is boiled the more tannin it releases?
So a smart way to reduce its damaging effects is to boil it at least.


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