GK Practice Questions 2022

Q)The Sultan of Delhi, Razia Sultan was the daughter of whom?

(A) Alauddin Khilji

(B) Shams-ud-din Iltutmish

(C) Muhammad Tughlaq

(D) Babur

Q :  Which is called the ‘metal of the future’?

(A) Lead

(B) Titanium

(C) Platinum

(D) Mercury

Q :  The world’s largest river island ‘Majuli’ is located in which district of Assam?

(A) Darjeeling

(B) Majuli

(C) Patalpuri

(D) Munawari

Q :  How many shells (cells) are there in amoeba?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

Q :  The largest railway station in the North-East Frontier Railway is?

(A) Maligaon

(B) Malakheda

(C) Phulera

(D) Jalgaon

Q :  Which gas is used in the refrigerator?

(A) Oxygen

(B) Nitrogen

(C) Carbon

(D) Freon

Q :  Who was the author of the first book printed in the Assamese language?

(A) Atmaram Sharma

(B) Motilal

(C) Radheshyam Sharma

(D) Mohanprakash Sharma

Q :  What are the heater wires made of?

(A) Nichrome

(B) copper

(C) Silver

(D) gold

Q :  The official language of the Gupta rulers was?

(A) Pali

(B) Sanskrit

(C) Hindi

(D) Prakrit

Q)  The Gupta king who assumed the title of Vikramaditya was

(A) Skandagupta

(B) Kumaragupta

(C) Samudragupta

(D) Chandragupta 2

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