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15 Most-Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks 2021 July

For a significant number of us, Facebook is a cool online media stage that permits you to interface with companions all over the world. Nonetheless, as a client, Facebook is considerably more engaging and supportive. However, just on the off chance that you realize how to accomplish that.

To assist you with taking advantage of all the great stuff and supportive Facebook highlights, I’m arranging a far reaching rundown of most needed Facebook tips, deceives and hacks. Do look at them and attempt in the event that you track down any fascinating.

1. Find out all photos you friend Liked

The title speaks for itself. This nifty trick lets you discover all photos your friend has previously Liked on Facebook.

find out all photos you friend liked before
2. Turn Facebook language into Pirate English

Getting bored of seeing the usual Facebook language? Try out this little trick to make your profile a pirate’s page without any modding or downloading.

turn profile into pirate page
3. Download all Facebook photos of your friends

If you are fond of someone’s photos but don’t wish them to know you are watching their pics, then why not download them by using this tip?

download friends' all photos
4. Schedule your Facebook updates

Were you looking for this feature? Yes, you can schedule your updates though it. However, it is not an official feature of Facebook. Just try this trick.

schedule facebook updates
5. Choose who can see you online on Facebook

What if you don’t want anyone to know if you are online? Your ex or maybe your parents, during exams? This trick will help you do that.

hide online status partially
6. Fake Facebook Wall updates

If you are looking for some fun, then why not use this trick to post a fake update on your wall? It will surprise each of your friends.

post fake wall updates
7. Post to Multiple Facebook groups

Do you belong to numerous Facebook Groups? If yes, you must be finding it hard to be active in all of these groups, but now you can with this trick.

multi post to fb groups
8. Post a blank status on your wall

Using this trick, you can surprise everyone by writing a blank wall post. Yes, people will scratch their head trying to find your post.

post blank status
9. Auto-‘Like’ a friend’s posts – all of them!

If you do not know, the more you engage with your friends’ profiles, the more you get their attention, and making likes is the easiest way to engage.

like post automatically
10. Activate auto-commenting on posts

Though one cannot auto-post comments to every post on Facebook as it looks like spam yet you will find this trick useful in various situations.

11. Stop Facebook videos from playing automatically

If you also find the auto-playing videos to be a nuisance and a data thief, like me, then you can simply turn them off using this simple tip.

12. Bulk accept all Friend Requests

This tip is going to be super helpful if you get lots of friend requests or have a long list of pending friend requests in your account.

accept all friend requests
13. Fake Facebook conversation with anyone

Do you wish to prank your friends with a fake conversation? Using this tip, you can have a conversation with anyone – even Mark Zuckerberg.

14. Invite all Friends to a page

If you are working on a brand new page that you wish to promote among your friends, then this trick will help you do that instantly.

invite all friends to a page
15. Download any Facebook video

Did you find a video interesting enough to have its place in your offline storage? Luckily, you can download any video from Facebook using this tip.

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